Equality and Diversity

In Spectrum, we strongly believe that all our employees should be treated fairly and equally to others regardless of individual differences.

We aim to shape all our practices to ensure that our organisation is free from discrimination, harassment, and victimisation.

We celebrate diversity by understanding differences. Spectrum has dedicated staff networks, including the Spectrum Race Equality Network (SREN), to represent the interests of staff and ensure that no colleagues are disadvantaged by policies or procedures.


Our staff are the beating heart of Spectrum: an incredible, committed group of people drawn from a wide array of backgrounds, each bringing their own skills, experience and insight into their work. Together, we really do make a difference.

Dr Linda Harris - CEO, Spectrum CIC

NHSE and I commission Spectrum CIC to deliver primary care services within a number of prisons across the North of England. Spectrum is a value-based organisation that strives to deliver quality care for patients and also provides a supportive working environment for their staff. COVID-19 has created additional challenges and throughout these challenging times, Spectrum has worked hard to maintain safe care for our vulnerable clients

Julie Dhuny - Head of Health and Justice (North), NHS England & NHS Improvement

The highlight, for me, is knowing when you’ve made a difference to someone’s life. That really brings me joy

Elaine Gallagher - Sexual Health Outreach Co-ordinator, Spectrum CIC

Everyone on the team shares the same conviction to help patients as much as we can – we have the same goals.

Andy Pearson - Substance Misuse Cluster Manager, Spectrum CIC

Spectrum is a great place to work. You’ll be surrounded by people who will shape your career and knowledge base

Jacqui Black - Head of Clinical Operations, Spectrum CIC

This report assesses gender equality at Spectrum, our balance of male/female employees and how effectively talent is being maximised and rewarded

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The people that make it happen

Providing high quality care is our passion and it all starts with caring about our people who are at the core our business. Our amazing people go above and beyond each and every day to bring high quality care to our patients.

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We pride ourselves at having a high quality, dynamic and passionate team of healthcare professionals

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